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In today’s troubling economic times, it is so important that we maintain strong cultural education programs for our youth.  While there is certainly no doubt that a lack of funds can make it quite difficult to keep the arts alive, it is imperative that we do not let this important part of the human experience fall by the wayside.

Today’s children live in a fast-paced and hectic world.  It can be so easy for them to become accustomed to short-term happiness that lacks true meaning.  It is all of our duty to strive to give the adults of tomorrow as much culture and knowledge as we possibly can.  By preserving the arts we are passing down a tradition that generations before us entrusted to us.

There are many ways to give today’s youth the education that they deserve.  First off, it starts in the home.  Make sure that your child is not squandering their days playing video games and watching television.  While it is certainly your choice to allow them the freedom to enjoy today’s technologies, it is also important to provide them with meaningful, lasting options that will enhance their mind.

One person who is making a significant difference in the lives of countless New York youths is Ron Hershco. By providing an extremely 2.5 million dollar donation to Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Hershco has opened a whole new world of art and culture up to New York’s youth.

It is no secret that New York is an incredibly diverse and culturally rich city.  Giving the city’s youth an outlet to experience this first-hand is a wonderful blessing that has enormous potential to change and enhance the lives of many.  By providing the necessary funds to make this lively hub a reality, Ron Hershco has greatly enhanced the lives of disadvantaged NYC youth since 2007.

It is so important that we all do our part to help tomorrow’s leaders grow and develop to their maximum potential.  While we may not all be able to make substantial donations and open community art centers, we can certainly take a smaller scale approach in helping children to develop in a healthy and productive way.  It starts in our homes.

The Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation is truly a wonderful way for New York’s children to develop skills and learn about things that may not have been accessible otherwise.  As Russell Simmons said, “Art can change lives.  It’s that simple.”  By providing urban youth with positive ways to spend their time, Ron Hershco is paving the way for the artists of tomorrow.

We must never forget how important it is to provide children with quality ways to spend their time and develop their talents.  Every child has limitless potential; it is simply up to us to give them the chance that they deserve.  We can all take a lesson from Hershco’s generosity.  Remember that a little effort can go a long way in helping to determine the future of our precious youth.

Holding a charity event is a great way to not only raise money but also awareness for a cause. Putting on an event, though, is a complicated process. There are many things that can go wrong. To guarantee a successful charity event, follow these guidelines.

One of the most fundamental keys for a successful event is to engage all of the five senses. This is a marketing strategy that is often used. Make sure that your event space looks great at the time of the event. Serve delicious food to your guests. Have some sort of entertainment, perhaps a band or DJ that can help everyone at the event to relax and have fun.

The theme of your event should tie in some way to the organization or cause that you are raising money for. What the charity is for should be obvious from the moment that people arrive. This will help promote awareness for the organization or cause so that it sticks in everyones’ minds. Some people may not donate during your event, but they might at a later date.

Make sure to properly thank everyone who donates and assists with the charity event. It may seem like a small detail, but sending a thank you card after the event goes a very long way. Not thanking contributors properly is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that event holders make.

Putting on a charity event can be a daunting task. There is a lot of planning that goes into it. Make sure that your event is successful by keeping in mind these simple ideas for hosting a charity event.

No charity event is complete without food. After all, people love to eat, and there’s no better time to enjoy some delicious cuisine than at an event of some kind. The dilemma, however, is what to serve. Settling on the perfect food for your charity event can seem like an overwhelming task.

The first thing that you need to do is decide what type of food you want to serve. Do you want a full sit-down meal with individual courses? Would a buffet be a better option? Or do you simply want a few hors d’oeuvres to circle around the room?

It’s easiest to decide on these things if you already have a theme picked out. Your meal can then tie into the theme of your charity event. This can also help you to decide on what exactly will be served. For instance, if the theme of your charity is “Under the Sea,” you could primarily serve seafood. If you are using a cultural theme, then you could serve ethnic food. This way everything at your charity event ties together.

Of course, you cannot do all of the cooking and preparation yourself. You will need help. If you choose to host your charity event in a restaurant, then the on-site cooks will take care of your dining needs for you. But if your venue is not a restaurant, then you may need to look at catering options.

No matter what your final decisions, your event will benefit from serving great food. People always feel much more generous when they are relaxing after a delicious meal. Carefully consider your options and what would be the best for your particular charity event.

The best charities always have a theme. It ties the event together and makes it easier to plan and coordinate. Successful themes tie in some way to the charity itself, and this helps people to relate to the cause more. This in turn contributes to the guests being more generous and the charity event being more of a success.

One great idea for a charity is a tasting event. Your event could feature food and drink from another country that guests could sample. Or you could do a wine tasting. People love trying new things, and a charity is a great way to get people together to try some new food or drink while raising money for a good cause.

Another great idea is to host a talent competition as the entertainment for your event. Guests can compete themselves, or you can sell tickets to the event. People love to show off what they are good at, so this is a great way to attract a lot of people to your event.

One of the most popular charity events is a date auction. These types of events tend to be a bit more wild, but are immensely successful. Get some volunteers together who are willing to auction off dates to the highest bidder. These dates can involve a range of activities and can be chosen by the person being auctioned off. It is a great way to have some fun and raise some money for a good cause.

No matter what you choose, the theme of your evening should be clear so that people are prepared for it. This will make your charity much more successful. Your event will be more streamlined and put together when you have a theme.

There are hundreds of thousands of charity events hosted each year. Some succeed in raising a good amount of money for a great cause, and some do not. What sets them apart? Why do some charity events succeed where others fail? The type of charity can play a huge role in the success of the event.

The most important thing to take into consideration when you are beginning to plan your charity is your own likes and interests. If you are passionate about your cause, then other people will be do. Your passion will inspire them to give, and this will make your event successful.

Start by narrowing down your interests. Is there a cause out there that coincides with one of your passions? Talk to your friends and family. They will be able to tell you in no uncertain terms what your obsessions are. From there you can go online to find out what sort of options are available for hosting a charity that relates to your interests.

Once you have decided on a cause, you can begin planning the perfect event. After all, you can’t start planning until you know what you will be raising money for.

A charity event is a great way to earn money for a cause, but the cause needs to be something that people can be passionate about. You can show people that they should care about this cause because you care about it. You are the example. A successful charity event begins with a cause that you care about.

Charity events can be a great way to earn money for a great cause. These types of events are enticing because they are not only fun parties, but they give people a natural high. People love being able to help out a good cause.

One of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to hosting a charity is deciding where to hold it. There are many venues to choose from, but it can be difficult to find the perfect place for your particular gathering. You need a place that is large enough to comfortably host everyone who is coming to your charity event, and this place needs to be able to serve food for your guests.

A great option for a venue is a restaurant. New restaurants are especially open to hosting these types of events because it is great publicity. A restaurant that is just starting out needs to get its name out there, and there is no better way to do this than with a catered charity dinner.

Choose a restaurant that is unique in some way. Maybe they serve exotic ethnic cuisine, or maybe they have a particularly fine wine selection. Either way, keep your guests entertained with exceptional and unique food during your charity event.

There are many pieces that make up a successful charity event. Each of these pieces contributes to the overall success of the event. One of the biggest pieces is the venue. A restaurant can be a great place to host a fantastic charity event.