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Philanthropist Ron Hershco Contributes to NYC Real Estate Development

Ron-Hershco NYC Real Estate DevelopmentThe city of New York is a beautiful testament to the American Spirit. Like all cities, though, it has its old and  run-down sections. Philanthropist Ron Hershco is dedicated to NYC real estate development. As a developer, he works to improve the Big Apple and make it better than ever.

Real estate development is a lofty career on its own, but Ron Hershco is also a notable philanthropist. He believes strongly that NYC real estate development can only truly be successful with the support of the whole community, and he firmly believes in giving back.

As a New York resident himself, Ron Hershco sees the city in a unique way. He recognizes the areas that need improvement, and he works with his company to develop these areas into modern residences that breathe life back into older neighborhoods.

On top of his work with NYC real estate development, Ron Hershco supports numerous charities. His contribution to Russell Simmon’s Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation helped to develop a ten thousand square foot space for teachers and artists in an area of Brooklyn.
Promoting the arts for disadvantaged youth is important to Ron Hershco, and the donation will help the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation expand its gallery.

Furthermore, philanthropist Ron Hershco was a key figure in building a new annex for an overcrowded school in Queens. Until the annex was built, some students had to endure being in a classroom where two classes were being taught at the same time. The annex now provides room for two hundred students.

NYC real estate development is important for improving the look of the city, but also for improving the lives of the people living there. In addition to his work as a developer, Ron Hershco is a dedicated philanthropist working to aid the disadvantaged sections of the city. His
contributions have helped improve schools as well as promoting the arts.