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Ron Hershco Give Multi-Million Dollar Donation to Russell Simmons Organization

They are two tycoons in their own industries. Not only are they successful businessmen, but they are community figures that have often stood out in the public eye. To these men, we may think that speaking of a couple of million dollars would be as regards a transaction between the two or possibly of just one of the individuals, but in fact the worth of the item in hand had less to do with its specific value as the means to what end that Ron Hershco entrusted in the hands of Mr. Simmons. The donation has a value superior in the eyes of those that have been benefited by it.

Russell Simmons is beyond his own personal image and individual known for the use that he has made to the fortune that he has gained over years of hard work. The individual success that he has had made possible his interest in being able to establish in the community a means of empowering not only himself but quite certainly others. Not just any others for certain but those youth in the community that have not had someone to call a patron or a right hand that will lead them down the path toward personal growth. That is a role that Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic foundation is known for playing and can be the basis for Ron Hershco having entrusted the donation worth millions in his hands.

Ron Hershco and What the Donation Amounted To

The value of the donation that Ron Herscho made is one that a real estate tycoon can easily recognize as an expert in New York properties. A building of any import in the East New York, Brooklyn terrain can be often coveted by many an investor especially when it is a sizeable one that has history. The location coupled with the capacity for transformation and can quickly put the price of a property through the roof. For a charitable organization that seeks the goodwill of the community, just the right building in the area where it works can be hard to find. A building is of no value to the community if due to location the community members have no access to it.

Atlantic Ave. is the location of the space that Ron Herscho was able to present to the Rush Philanthropic Foundation, the size of the particular venue some 10,000 square feet. The foundation already had a gallery in Chelsea of about 900 square feet and another in Clinton Hill of some 1,000 square feet at the time, so the immensity of the space really gives way to the import of the particular location.

Community artists and those that seek to support the betterment of the youth in New York can see that when those that have the means to lend a hand get together, they can do something significant. It’s not just a matter of blindly given space to whomever but to those that know how to get the best use out of what they have. The East New York Brooklyn Art Center is a good example of how the means to achieve a specific end in the community often already exist and are made powerful in noble hands.

Article written for: http://www.urbanhustler.com/archive/news-story/archive/2006/may/article/russell-simmons-gets-25-million-donation-for-arts-center/