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Ron Hershco on Getting Involved with Charities in NYC

NYC Charity Ron HershcoA lot of New York City residents see the same thing every day. People really struggling to make ends meet, even in the greatest city in the world. So a common question is, “How can I help?” Well, the answer is simple. There are many, many ways to get involved in charities. Let’s take a tip from Ron Hershco. He’s a real estate maven who has helped the city a great deal.

Ron uses his own skills as a real estate developer and designer to help people who are struggling. For instance, he has donated for and designed buildings for arts education in Brooklyn, through Russell Simmons’s Rush Foundation. This has helped low-income youth learn the skills they need to thrive in school and in their careers

So, using your own skills is one great way to get involved in charities and giving back. Are you a store owner? Consider stocking products that poorer families need and offering discount programs. Are you a teacher? Consider offering free tutoring for low-income families. All of these options and many more are yours to think about.

One more tip from Ron Hershco. It’s a great idea to deal with charities you can really trust. Look for people you know in charge (like Russell Simmons) or great plans and mission statements. Sometimes a new charity can do the most good, but you have to be careful. There has been a lot of fraud and misuse of money in the past. But we have to do all that we can to help.

As we all know, NYC is a great, great city, but whole sections are below the poverty line. If you haven’t been to Bushwick, much of the Bronx, East New York, or neighborhoods like these, you should check them out to see how hard life can be in the city. New Yorkers have to look out for one another. And there’s no better way to do this than using your own skills to help give back, or using your money to help charities do it for you.