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Why Charities Play an Important Role in Society by Ron Hershco

Corporate Social Responsibility is imperative when it comes to the growth of successful businesses. CSR generally refers to the transparency of business practices that are based on ethical values, compliance with legal requirements and respect for people, communities and environments. Many companies are realizing that in order to stay productive, competitive and relevant in the business world, they need to practice social responsibility.

Of course there are many factors involved with CSR, a major one being Philanthropy and Charity contributions. Charities play an important role in society and are a direct link for developing a network. Companies can benefit from associating with organizations that fit both its own mission and ethical values.  Look for charities that will give you meaningful exposure to a large number of influential people, and volunteer your time. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a magazine that monitors the charitable giving industry and tracks donations from the largest corporations in the United States.  The top ranking companies include Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Oracle, Starbucks, Alcoa and Google.

Philanthropist Ron Hershco, a New York City developer, is a loyal and huge supporter of two prominent New York City Charities. Ron’s contribution to The Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation promotes arts education for disadvantaged urban youth and emerging artists.  Hershco has donated $2.5 Million to the organization and proudly created an arts center. He has granted these children with the opportunity to build and develop skills that result from the power of creative expression. He recently made significant contributions to his local comunity to support those in need during Hurricane Sandy.

Ron Hershco isn’t one to stand on the sidelines and watch life go by, are you? Any size business and donation can help make all the difference, get involved. Here are Forbes top 5 charities that have been efficient over the past few years.  The charities include Brother’s Brother Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, International Rescue Committee and United Way.